(Introductory bible study classes to help people become like Jesus.)

Church 101: Mt. Calvary's DNA. 
Essentials 201: Developing spiritual habits.
Discovery 301: Discovering gifts and uniqueness. 
Mission 401: Learning to share the message. 
Leadership 501: Becoming a servent/leader.   

Day & Time: Every 2nd Saturday @ 9:30 AM

Location: Mt Calvary Baptist Church

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OUR PURPOSE: Making disciples of Jesus who love God and people.

Our focus is making disciples of Jesus Christ. We are building the people of God through a simple process.

OUR VISION: Multiethnic community

We believe the Church should be Multicultural. Therefore, we strive for diversity. We envision becoming a muliticultural church family. 

OUR DRESS CODE: Comfortable

We believe church should be enjoyable. Therefore, we encourage people to come comfortable but respectable.